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    Whats the easiest to take up outside school as an extra subject? larabrennox

    Thinking of dropping to OL maths so need to find a subject to study outside school as an extra.

    Anyone have any recommendations that are easy to do alone without much help?

    or any subjects to avoid?


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      business, all you have to do is learn the info, religion, just need to be good at essay writing, home ec (learn info) and economics

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      bio or business are great for self learning although i think time put into hons maths would be more beneficial for collage courses

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      you should drop to pass mass because only 4% of students fail so as long as your not one of them you get an extra 25points which will come in handy

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      home ec is not easy you have to do a journal

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      if u do physics do applied math

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      do not do home ec because that and geography are both the longest courses , id say do accounting if your good at simple math

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      Business is good for self learning if you have decent notes

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      I'd say a theorey subject rather than something like accounting because with this you'll have needed to be taught how to do everything! With a theorey subject like business, once you have the book you can learn away! :)

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      Music. The practical is 50% listening is 25% and the written exam only has 2 questions so easy to get points !

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