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lukebrn The Leaving Cert — 18/10/16 0

I'm offering help to students who are struggling with maths, physics or chemistry. I'm a first year engineering student and I currently give grinds to 7 students, who have all improved drastically since we started. I give grinds all over Dublin and charge €20/hour or €15/person/hour for groups!= I will also be setting up revision courses, one in physics and one in maths. These will run for 4 week each, with the first one starting in late January (date is subject to change.) The price of this course will be €15/week for a 2 hour session, where we will cover key concepts of every topic, how to answer exam questions and summary notes of each topic. Our email is lcgrinds2017@gmail.com, so email if you're interested or comment below!

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