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A1-Notes for 5th years
Varsha The Leaving Cert — 03/11/16 19

Hi 5th years, I'm currently doing my leaving cert but I have A1 notes, original, from grinds and private schools in most subject; Irish, Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Accounting. I have an abundant supply of mock papers and solutions in most subjects.I will sell them shortly at a reasonable price after my leaving cert. Please give me your email if you are interested!!!

Clara doran — 23/05/16
Aisling1998 — 23/05/16
Interested in maths but I would want to see a sample before? and are they higher level? email is aislingcullen@ardscoilnamara.ie
Lois Angels — 23/05/16
Hi :) Could you please send me notes for all the subjects except accounting. My email is 12LSarpong.spc@lmetb.ie. Thanks
Varsha — 23/05/16
Yes they are all higher level. I have hard copy notes. Maths notes are superb 2 huge folders. I will be selling them after my exams. I am an A1 student in most of my subjects and these notes are really high quality. I will contact any potential people who want them. Also living in Dublin region and will be able to sell them locally within Dublin. :)
jewelmary2016 — 23/05/16
roseclarke1999@gmail.com please send them to me
kittyxkat — 23/05/16
Can I see a sample first? And how much do you think you'll be selling them for? I'd be interested in English and Bio , kariiimaaxo@gmail.com ! Send a sample please, thanks :)))
tara2013 — 23/05/16
Hi I'm a student in sixth year and I was just wondering if u would have any good notes in chemistry, irish and maths.I would really appreciate it! My email is tarastudent16@gmail.com Thanks
Rachelfitz12 — 23/05/16
Hi could you please send me your English and Biology notes? Much would be appreciated! My email is Rachel.fitzpatrick@sionhillcollege.ie
Varsha — 24/05/16
I will send samples and contact yous once I get the chance. I got 565 points in my mocks and I have made my own concise, neat short notes. I also have Geography and French notes. The price for the notes will be negotiable as I only have limited notes. :)
— 24/05/16
— 24/05/16
Hebabushama@gmail.com Thanks
tara2013 — 24/05/16
How did you study for maths and geography Varsha?:)
Varsha — 24/05/16
Maths is questions and questions and then notes and short methods to do the repeated style of questions. Also taking grinds from state examiner. Geography is basically rote learning essays. No easy way I guess..
stressing24/7 — 27/05/16
In fifth year at the moment and that would be such a big help if you would send me all of the notes except for accounting and chemistry???
StudentClix101 — 06/07/16
Hiya could you email me about the notes for all of them including French and Geography except accounting please
Lauren2039 — 07/07/16
lauren.e2039@gmail.com hi, if possible could you send me your notes for everything except accounting please ? thanks a mill
maymento — 10/07/16
maymento@gmail.com thank you!
ajacob2013 — 03/11/16
hi i wud lov it if u cud send notes for: english, irish, maths, french, biology, chemistry and business pls. btw. u indian right? same here so it wud b great if u cud help another fellow indian thnx again
ajacob2013 — 03/11/16
my email: jacobashly5@gmail.com
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