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    advice, tips, preparation Star14

    Hi I'm going into sixth year and I'd really appreciate any advice, tips or things i should be prepared for the year ahead. I'm doing all Higher Level: English, irish, maths, biology, chemistry and business.

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      I'm also doing french

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      Just wondering would you have any good notes you could email me, I would rally appreciate it!!

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      hi id advise to keep learning new vocab and do exam papers. I would like to do chemistry, is there any advice you could give me on this subject please. do you like it? is it that hard? do you have to be good at maths to do it ?thanks :)

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      I really enjoy Chemistry I actually find ir easier than biology! The maths is fairly straight foward in My opinion but I do HL. Learn definitions really well and really make an effort to just understand the material! Hope this helps

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      thank you so much. I don't know whether to choose chemistry or home ec

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      I only did Home Ec in first year. From what i hear it is hard enough at leaving Cert level but like anything if you work hard id say you will be fine!

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      yeah I hated home ec for the jc. I love science but I think id be able to grasp home ec better than chemistry. do sec mark the chemistry exams hard?

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