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Anyone get over 500 points? How did you do it
rachellol.2 The Leaving Cert — 28/09/16 3

Hello, i want to know if anyone has gotten over 500 points in their leaving cert. If so, how did you do it. I would like some tips. Thanks!

orlab123 — 18/09/16
i'm not in lc but start studying in 5th year asap it's very important and crucial. Definitely make a study plan :)
rachellol.2 — 18/09/16
Thank you!
MAYYAMIMI — 28/09/16
I got 575 points. 2A1's in maths and applied maths, 3A2's in Chem,Bio and Phy. A B2 in geography Though I didn't achieve what I was hoping for but close to it. 1.All I can say is you have to have a goal that motivates you to study. 2. try to aim for the highest your capable of achieving then you can have every door open for you. 3.minimise the time you use the internet limit distraction 4.dont waste a day cause everyday counts but unless your feeling unwell theres no point of staring at your book, its worthwhile to rest for a while in that situation 5.you may have other activities you do, do these but be aware not to wate too much of your time Its different for everybody. Some people may find it easier to grasps concepts than others, so it varies from person to person. but if your willing and committed to do your best than no one can stop you! I would suggest you to reading the posts by Ollie on leavingcertdays.ie
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