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    Appealing leaving cert results MAYYAMIMI

    I did my lc this year and I got 575 points

    An A1 in maths and applied maths

    An A2 in biology, chemistry and physics

    And B2 in geography

    I am going to view all my scripts

    I was expecting A1 in my science subjects

    Will there be any point of appealing ?

    Do u think that an upgrade would be possible ?

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      Do you think I should repeat the LC?

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      Yes, you should definitely repeat the LC

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      M Monahan

      Definitely get your scripts from the examination, they are sent to your school with marking schemes.

      Get your teacher to view them with you, it might be a case of marks not being added, sections left out etc., this could have happened, well worth viewing scripts. You will get information on times from your school to view them. It costs nothing, if you find a mistake then appeal the result, this will cost money, but well worth it. You could also Repeat your LC, this is another option for you, look at my previous post.

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