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    Best ways to study efficiently/Study plan? Help!! Gemmaodriscoll

    Heya guys,

    I'm really starting to feel the pressure this year, need fairly high points for my course and I don't know how to go about studying/where to start. How much studying should I be doing every night?

    Any tips/advice at all or what works for you would really help me. Thanks so much!

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      well i am doing the junior cert this year and what i did was i got a notebook and divided into the amount of subjects i had and in each section i wrote the chapters that i need to do altogether and the ones ive done. then each month take it one at a time write what you've studied so you can keep track of what you have learned. when it comes to studying i find it easier to do about 2 subjects a day because i have a low concentration span and i do this to keep me interested. write a timetable and stick to the times and be specific about what you are studying in subject. when you stick to the times you actually feel like you have studied and not dossed the whole time. Hope this helps

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      In regards to how much you should study each night, take it nice and slow so you are actually learning instead of trying to do it fast and missing points. I would also reccomend exam papers for definite when trying to see if you have learned something.

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      I did the Leaving Cert last year and did well enough that I'm now a grinds teacher in maths, Physics and Chemistry. For now, I would advise maybe 2-3 hours per night, then after the mocks the same except take Fridays off and do 6 on Saturdays and 4 on Sundays.

      If you'd like a study plan email me

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      These two blog posts might help with studying right and making a plan! :)


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      11ND - CCM

      @lcgrinds are those times including homework?

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      Thanks a million guys

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      those times are not including homework. I cut out all pointless homework after Christmas though, I just explained my goals to my teachers.

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