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    Business Accounting or Economics? naxmax9

    Which of the 3 should I do? Business is my favorite subject. Should I do 2 of the 3 or one of the 3 and geography?

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      I don't do accounting, but I do Business and Economics.

      Business is a HUGE course. It's my favourite subject out of the 7 that I'm doing but there is a lot of imformation to be learned. It's very easy to grasp the information though, just laws of contracts etc would take time to remember because you need to be so specific.

      Economics is a way shorter course, but for me it's a lot harder to understand. Don't get upset but it takes ages to get your head around the micro sections.. It's also a subject that you have to be very precise in compared to Business. You just can't waffle at all.

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      id say accounting, like you might think you dont get it at all at first but like if you keep practisie practise practise then you'll be gand cause the paper for accountiong is amazing and you only have to do a few acocunts like and theyre like the exact same every year, it will take you a while to get the hang of it at firts but when you do you'll be flyingg :)) also, accounting ihas the highest amount of A's out of ALL the subjects not just the businessy subjects so yeah it jsut shows tbh and economics is quite low in A's and business is the lowest, tbh business is my least favourite subject rn out of all 8 i do and i do all three sciences as well

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