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Can you do the HPAT in 5th year
Desagala The Leaving Cert — 08/10/16 3

I'm thinking of doing medicine and was wondering if it's possible to do it in fifth year to reduce some of the stress in 6th year

Jemin — 08/10/16
Don't think so
E.Devitt — 08/10/16
You can't. Your hpat has to be presented in the year you are admitted to the course. So for example if your leaving cert was good but the hpat didnt go well for you, you can just repeat the hpat the next year but if your leaving goes badly and the hpat goes well you cant repeat the leaving and use the previous years hpat
E.Devitt — 08/10/16
I would advise having a look into it over the summer and just concentrate on your subjects in fifth year. At higher options by the way go to all the hpat stands but especially dublin school of grinds. They had a hpat stand this year as well as their normal one and were giving out places in part of a hpat course to people for free. Not sure if it's an annual thing but go anyway. I know its a long way off but the hpat courses are expensive
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