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    Cao points niamh.morrissey.73

    Desperately want to do primary school teaching, any predictions on what way the points will go?

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      Up. 75000 people applying for the CAO, they cant go down

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      Just because there are more people applying for the CAO this year doesn't mean EVERY course goes up. The rumours you hear saying "this year courses will raise by 25 points" is total crap. If you're unaware of how the CAO points system works, you should probably listen in SPHE or talk to your guidance counsellor.

      Basically, a course in DCU is 450 points. Why does it have a 450 points cut off? Last year, an applicant would've maybe achieved 600 points and got into the course. Another applicant probably got 500 points, and another probably 475, and so on. As the number of spaces fill up and more and more people are put into the course, the points are cut off at the lowest amount of points someone achieved after filling up all the spots. The last person to get the course and fill up the spots achieved 450 points.

      Still don't understand? This might help:

      There are 4 places in a course.

      John - 600

      Jake - 500

      Jess - 470

      Niamh - 450 (cut off)

      Next year it could completely change. The 25 raise or drop people talk about are just averages.

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      Thank you! :)

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