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    Guys can anyone help me for a minute, the course I want to do is Nursing and last year where I want to go it was 410 CAO points it has been a constant 410 the past 2 years so how high could it go up??? I'm terrified about the points rising through the roof???

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      nursing is meant to rise this year but I would say no more than 20 points it all depends on the amounts of places in your course and how many people will apply for it

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      I applied for nursing too. Just like the previous person has said, the points are unlikely to go up by more than 20 points.

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      John smith234

      It completely depends on the demand this year, you never know it could even stay at 410. Or just move up 5 or 10 points.

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      I'm applying for nursing too, I know exactly how you feel! Its unlikely it would rise more then 20 points at most and there is lots of back ways into nursing even if something radical does happen!

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