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    Chemistry or accounting? MShelly

    i'm really torn between choosing accounting or chemistry. i love science and am doing biology but i dont know if i should do chemistry as well. i received an A in higher level science for the junior cert and am really torn as i i love science but also take an interest in accountancy.

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      if you enjoy them close to equally as much, you should think of which one will benefit you more after you leave school. If you are interested in doing a science course after school then chem would probably be the better option. I know that you need two science subjects to study a science course in the north so that would broaden your college options if you chose chem. However if you're not interested in doing a science course after school then chem wouldn't really benefit you in anyway. If you're still not completely sure though, you should just go with what ever one you enjoy most which only you know.

      hope this helps and good luck

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      thank you! :)

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      I am studying both chemistry and Accounting. They are good subjects to study as they are very flexible and easy to get an A in if you put in work, but it's your discussion at the end of the day don't study subjects because of others opinions.

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      thank you! :)

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