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    College help please!!! Zozosmithy

    Hi guys, so I'm in 6th year and just looking about different college courses that I'm thinking about and I need some help please, I wish to become a paramedic but can't find much courses that have a 2+ year duration. Anybody that has become a paramedic or is studying paramedics at the minute can you tell me what sort of training you did and where please? Or anybody wishing to do the same have you found anything?? Thanks in advance :)

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      Stephanie K

      I heard that there is a brilliant course in Limerick I think UL that does this-it's only a new course aswell like the past 2 years new now I mean. Best of luck

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      Ok thank you :)

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      The only place you can train as a paramedic apart from being recruited by the hse or dfb is limerick and its four years. You need a c1 licence before you start though look them up on qualifax

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      Ok cheers 👌

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