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    Do you need to have done JC Art to do LC Art? Georgiewalsh13

    I didn't do art for the JC, and I am thinking of doing it for the LC.

    Do you need to have done JC Art to do LC Art?

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      I don't think so, but the art teacher in your school may ask to see some of your work first. But you should be fine :)

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      ok, Thank you!

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      LC ART, JC ART

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      HELP PLZ

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      No. you don't need JC art. BUT LC art is not what you think. I was in JC HL art and got an A1, i can get a B3 at max in HL. the reason is because 30% of the exam is art history which is basically history. you have to learn about objects and cathedrals in detail. the rest of the exam is between creating a poster ( which is a hell lot of work) and you have to do that poster in 5hours in school and also you do a clay in 3 hours. I hope i'll get at least a B in summer :( Got lc this year.. yeyyy

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      I didn't do art for the JC and I'm doing it for the Lc so you can definitely do it! just talk to the art teacher in your school and they'll probably get you to draw a few objects, lc art does involve a lot of art history, I'm pretty sure its 37% so if history and essay writing aren't your thing I don't think I'd recommend it!

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