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    does repeating the leaving cert make you a loser? Julija_7673

    I'm considering of repeating the LC if I don't get my first option because realistically I don't wanna go to college and do something I don't have an interest in and I'm just freaaaaakin out idk what to do

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      M Monahan

      Just wait and see how you got on tomorrow, don't worry there are so many options for you, of course you could repeat your LC to gain the necessary points. Another option is to do a PLC (Post Leaving Certificate Course) for the year, this could gain you 400 points if you achieve full marks on course, most colleges are linked to PLC courses.

      Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training are offering new exciting courses this year in the Post Leaving Certificate area, such as a new technology/business "Office Informatics" courses

      Which is also advertised with other courses on the FIT website:

      If you really have not made up your mind what career area you like to proceed to, after your Leaving Certificate results come out tomorrow, this might be an option. It also is a good way to get a taster for different career areas.

      Carlow IFE also offer repeat Leaving Certificate in all subjects, just take a look at the PDF current brochure on-line for all FE courses on offer:…/Us…/Files/CIFE-Prospectus-2016.pdf

      To apply for courses please use web link:

      Hope this is of assistance to you, remember you have soooo many options!

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      YES IT DOES :P

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      No do what you think is right

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      I repeated and it's worth it at the end.

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      M Monahan

      If you are looking for in excess of 400 points, then repeating looks like a good option a lot of Further Education Colleges offer Repeat Leaving certificate courses. A lot of students repeat to get their chosen college course.

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