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Dropping levels on the day
Áine_8871 The Leaving Cert — 02/06/16 4

Hi I was just wondering is it still possible to drop down levels on the day of the exams or do I need to tell my school principal before hand? Thank you ��

HannahWebb1 — 31/05/16
You can drop down on the day :)
Áine_8871 — 31/05/16
Cool thanks
Crocker — 31/05/16
when u get to LC, i know points count but is it best to say get 50 % in a Honours subject or get 80 % in a Ordinary subject?
John smith234 — 02/06/16
50 per cent in HL is 55 points while 80 per cent in OL is only 45 points.
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