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    easiest and toughest subjects Soniclouise

    hi can I have advise on what the easiest and toughest subjects are please hoping to repeat after a long time as undergraduate fees are cheaper but want to minimise the stress as much as is humanely possible. many thanks in advance :)

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      I find phys/Chem very easy only picked it up in December this year , questions are repeated year after year. Biology overlaps with ag science if your interested in biology , there's a project worth 25% in ag science also. I'd do subjects with projects if I was you , reduces stress. Avoid English unless ur good at it , a lot to learn in 1 year. I'd do maths to refresh ur brain for college .

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      good thinking shauna thank you for the reply and I agree took up chemistry this year as a practice and its not as bad as its reputation portrays it. not mathematically minded but I think your absolutely right and wow only took them up at Christmas wow fair play that's brilliant.

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      There is no "easy" or "toughest" subject. They all require hard work. It depends what your interested in.

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      true to a certain extent but like shauna said some seem to overlap reducing the stress and a couple of others seem to be full of common sense knowledge and application to everyday life

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      I think ag science is a great suggestion

      never would have considered so thanks

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      Economics is one of the easiest subjects. You can pretty much know four particular topics and that covers you for the long questions and the short questions are pretty easy. Its a really easy subject.

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      Yep I do economics outside of school. It's pretty short but requires understanding and constant revision as there is a lot of definitions. Don't do it if you have no interest in business.

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      zero interest in business but got a b1 in it first time around definitely was a manageable subject. thanks avril and Christopher appreciate it

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      i would highly recommend Ag Science. such an interesting subject. parts of it can be difficult. you will not like it if you do not have an interest in it tho

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