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    Easter Study ashes204

    Does anyone have a good study plan for the Easter holidays? And how much study should we be doing per day?

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      our irish teacher told us to do work for the oral every day!

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      @shaunacraig97 okay thanks! How long are you spending on the oral every day? And how long on other subjects?

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      I don't really have a plan but for the oral I'd say learn at least 2 sraith pictiúrí a day and a general conversation topic! Also I'll be doing my Spanish oral daily too and my Spanish listening as that's my weak point

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      @shaunacraig97 okay thanks so much! Best of luck!

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      Start early is my advice like now, if you can squeeze in 4 hours a day it will stand to you in August !!

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      Oh by the way I'm in sixth year! And my subjects are Irish English Maths French History Chemistry Biology all honours

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