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    Economics Sarah2014

    is it possible to study economics outside of school? what books would be recommended to teach this subject? thanks :)

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      Yes but it would be hard to attain a very good grade. Business is much better to self learn if you're not doing it already.

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      What would make it hard to attain a very good grade?

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      Economics is very much a theory based subject.However,there are also many calculations involved and as well as that there are also many graphs that you must both learn and understand and must be able to apply in different questions asked throughout the exam paper.It does contain very few chapters in comparison to other subjects(about 28),but these chapters do contain a lot to be learned.If you are willing to take this subject up however,I would recommend that you listen to the news and be aware of different rates e.g. birth rates as this may be required to be known.The textbook I would advise you to use is positive economics. I hope this helps and good luck!

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      Thanks for replying. Michael my school doesn't teach economics so I'm going to do business

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