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    Extra subjects outside of school davidmolony

    Im just wondering if anyone has any advice on whether or not its a good idea to take up an eight leaving cert subject in somewhere like the institute. Im looking to do a subject that is very possible to get an a in. Any recomendations for good subjects ?

    I do chemistry biology geography and french at the moment btw

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      i do eight subjects i'm teaching myself economics so i don't know about the institute but what i'm planning to do if go to one of their intensive grinds in may because it saves money and they cover what they predict will come up i find it less stressful because i have backup but it takes ages to predict the lc

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      i teach myself they attend xmas and easter grinds so i know im on track and can see what they predict because i find predictions hard but i do find it less stressful

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      I do applied maths and I find it more stressful. Handy though to have an eighth to fall back on!

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