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    Geography vs History shanemacken2000

    I have to pick my LC Options before next week. Should I choose Geography or History. HELP PLEASE!!!

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      History involves a lot of writing and can be a lot tougher than Geography

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      you need to be able to learn important dates for history

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      What is the content like because I enjoy both subjects (for now at least) but am stuck at a crossroad as for which one to take with my other subjects?

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      Leaving cert geography is really just adding more information to what you learned in junior cert Leaving cert history is all essay writing

      I do both subjects and personally prefer history

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      it depends on what you want to do when you leave school

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      See, I want to be a teacher for English, Irish and Science so neither subject is going to make a big difference in my career.

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      Is that so AmyOR? Is that just 5th Year Geography or 6th Year?

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      so what subject do you prefer?? have you done the mocks yet?

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      Yeah the whole course is just expanding and you have an elective to do. The topics in the elective is up to your teacher

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      is history that hard to study @AmyOR for the lc?

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      i did both for the junior cert, but chose geography for the leaving as it isnt too difficult from what you've learnt at junior cert and since there are short questions and a project worth 20%, you should easily pass honours if you put a bit of work into the long questions. there is a lot of learning in both, but it really comes down to which content you prefer and if your school offers the subject, as at the end of the day, thatll be the subject you will find easier to learn off for the exam

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      Honestly, Sarah2014 I don't care about my mock result (which we haven't done yet) as a deciding factor. I want to pick on whether or not I'll enjoy the subject as there is no point if I'll be good at it if I don't like the subject and am easily bored.

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      I know AmyOr that every teacher in our school does the Economic elective. Any experience with that as one of the main reasons I am considering Geography, is the ties it has to Business and that section seems really interesting.

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      Do you find geography interesting granners?

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      Honestly for my junior cert I did both geography and history. As I kept on geography for the leaving cert I really think it's the subject to go with as you can waffle your way around with it to an extinct and you know the information from junior cert too. History is learning off dates, essay writing and very stressful. Geography much more interesting too. From my point of view geography is the best option.

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      Thank you!

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      No problem! :)

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      @sarah2014 I find it fine to study for I just make mind maps and bullet point the topics and I'm grand!

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      ok cool thanks @amyor

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      generally i find geography interesting as you get to find out about the landscape and countries and modern society instead of information from the past, which isnt too relevant for what i want to do in college or anything, but saying that, i didnt like history so im slightly biased towards geography

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      Thank you all for your opinions. I feel as if I have made my decision and will do Geography. Thank you all!

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      For a person doing both geography and history. Please do not do history. It's the most hardest and difficult subject I do in my leaving cert. Do not do it. It will be the worst decision you'll ever make!!!

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