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ladevine98 The Leaving Cert — 07/06/16 4

I was told by someone close to me that it isn't possible for me ton get over 500 points as you have to have it naturally honestly it hurt that she told me that .... she believes maybe 350 and 450 for me ... now I haven't tried for the majority of my life in secondary school but I have pulled up my socks this year and tried and I honestly don;t know what to think anymore can I get that much? I'm roughly a C student at the moment I do 5 higher level subjects.2 ordinary and 1 common, so 8 subjects altogether. Is it possible for me to achieve that or am I wasting my time?

niamha1 — 07/06/16
5 HL subjects MAX 500 points 1 OL MAX 60 your max is 560 points, * if your doing HL maths your MAX is 585 your only gonna be counted on 6 subjects. your not wasting your time doing anything, study hard and if your 500 course is what you really want then look into your 2nd options ; plc's in pre-university science, etc.
Cddd — 07/06/16
look up qualifax points calculator it estimates what you will get
ladevine98 — 07/06/16
My max is 566 due to lcvp but yeah if I don't get a distinction on that well its 556 points I've looked and it says that there is no backdoor route even talked to my guidance counsellor about this. Is it possible for me to achieve it?
Noel_5165 — 07/06/16
You know your own ability more than anyone I believe it's possible but it'll require a lot of hard work. Just try your very best. Good luck ☺
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