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    Help for 5th year helpme101

    I don't know what i need for each class, like will I need a ringbinder for every subject or like A4 copies not sure

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      Usually when you have your first class for the year the teacher will tell you what you need to bring for each class

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      Thanks as also wondering if I need to keep my notes from 3rd yer or will I throw them out

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      Surprised you still have your 3rd year notes. Throw them out unless you think they could be handy for something.

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      I'd keep them cause you never know when you might need to know some of the information contained in them such as a knowledge of Industrial Relations when you have a job

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      I guess that could be helpful but if you choose to do the subject you're keeping the notes for at Leaving Cert level, you will have them more detailed.

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