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    Hi, i received 530 points in my fifth year summer exams. I really want to study medicine and i really need to be up in the high 500s, to be hinest i want to get the full 625! Should i be worried about how low the summer exams? What can u do to improve? Any tips or advice??

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      I got 505 point in my 5th year summer exams

      And I got 575 in my actual leaving cert

      I also hoped to get 625 but I didn't

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      As you have seen from my previous post I got 3A2's which means 30 points cut

      I thought I would get A1's in the sciences but I guess I will have to view and appeal

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      You shouldn't be worried just work hard towards 6th year Christmas and 6th year mocks

      Don't forget to put in time for the HPAT as well cause your doing Medecine

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      Thats a relief that you went up! 575 is super, i an hoping for A1s in biology and chemistry and maths which is why i am going to do grinds every weekend in a grinds school! My Hpat is ok at the moment but it needs to improve i really hope practice will improve it im using medentry and find it very useful but Section one i find vey difficult. Thanks for your comment!

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      Did younput much time into hpat? Would you do anything differently looking back?

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      revise everything again and again until it's settled into your brain

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      Thanks a million!

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      Yes I put in a lot of work into the HPAT

      I had started it from 5th year

      I did it at least 3 times a week and I did it everyday when it came to December

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      Obviously I won't be the best person to get the advice from

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      I didn't perform well in it myself

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      Thanks annyway!

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      Thats such a pitty you should definetely give it another try!Did you expect to get a low hpat score?Which section is most difficult?

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      When I came out of the exam I thought I would get a good score I was confident

      I have heard the top scorers came out crying after the exam

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      So it's a really confusing situation

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      One of my friends didn't expect to do well but I think she got enough points for this year

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      Wow confusing is right! How were u getting on in medentries practice exams? Are they similar enough to the real thing?

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      Section 3 easiest I would say

      You can improve it was my best section

      But only with 20% as they know people can improve

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      But only worth 20%

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      Section 1 next easiest to improve but harder to improve than section 3

      Section 2 is the hardest to improve its all about feelings and emotions which I was worst at

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      At the moment section 2 is my best and section 3 is improving with practice,

      Thank you so much for all this advice i appreciate it so much!!!😊

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      My medentries exam weren't good at all

      I think they are a good reflector of the real thing

      but a person from the institute told that she didn't do well in the practice exams

      And got 60th percentile in her last exam but she got 100 percentile in the actual HPAT

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      There drills, guides practice exams

      And also eureka so plenty of practice material

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      Thats good! Wow it really is so confusing. I wish there was no hpat bc before it medicine was around 565points plain and simple just the leaving cert! What percentile wud u have needed to get in this year?

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      My sister did the lc with me as well this year

      She got 164 in her HPAT

      She usually performed way better than me in the exams and that reflected off her HPAT score

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      But unfortunately she didn't do that good in the LC she got 530

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      Oh that must be so dissapointing.

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      I would have needed 78 percentile or something around that figure

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      Wish you good luck for the HPAT and the LC !

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      Thanks a million you too in whatever path you end up taking☺

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      Remember the new points system coming into operation next year!!

      Details here:

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      Thanks how do you think it will affect the points for medicine and dentistry?

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      Points are a factor of supply and demand. If more people want entry to Course X the points will go up. The new points breakdown has been calculated to have as little effect on the overall points as possible.

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      Great thanks!

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