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Help needed
kasi1231 The Leaving Cert — 08/09/16 2

Can anyone give advice on how to make a study plan and stick to it. I'm in 5th year right now and i really want to start studying for the living certificate but I'm really bad at making study plans if anyone anyone is doing their living certificate this year or has done their living certificate please give any advice on study cause i need all the help I can get.

Cher — 07/09/16
The best way to stick to your study is by writing out your plan on a sheet of paper. For example, write out exactly what to study and the time. For me, it hard to study at start but when you get to the routine of doing it and keep doing it, it get easier and the time will fly without realizing it. The other huge thing is that, you must put away any sort of technology that will distract you. For me I find it easier if you actually finish all of your school homework, then study. I usually finish my homework around 6, then take a break for at least 1 hour or 30 minutes. At 7 you should start studying for 2-3 hours and if you keep on record of what you study and what topic to study on, it actually work and will help you to do well in test and this will give you less stress in school. Sleep is also a huge thing in term of studying. Having a good 8 hours sleep will give you more focus on studying. Anyways this method of studying works for me ever since I was in second year. During my 5th year I increase my study hours from 2 hours to 3-4 hrs. Now I'm setting my leaving cert and these are the method I suggest to you. It may not work for you but I hope it give you some sort of ideas to study. Thank You!
Kasi1999 — 08/09/16
Thanks that's a lot of help
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