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    History predictions? Natasha_9668

    Case study or key personality predictions 2016

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      i predict that u and me are perfect 4 each other

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      jaysus love you've some set on you ill tell you that , id drink your bath water i say it would be proper tasty you dirty little minx, get them out

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      Vietnam war probably won't come up since it was done last year.

      Sean Lemass and T.K. Witner might

      Pursuit of Sovereignty and 1916 most definitely will show up this year.

      I'm really hoping life in Nazi Germany Fascist Italy or Soviet Union show up

      Also...nice rack!

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      Vietnam didn't come up last year.

      Also all of your language is vulgar and disgusting, you're acting like children, get a grip.

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      Thank you

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      damn girl id bang you all day and night till you run dry

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