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    How is it possible to study for mocks with a week to go when we get loads of homework and small class tests? mark123


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      Person who has to study

      Well if you stay up late like I try to but not really no

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      nah, you would get too tired to study and therefore fall asleep in the exams

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      At the moment, I'm prioritising study over homework. If the homework is for exam papers then it'll be beneficial definitely but other than that it's not worth it. I always try and do study first and then do homework last but that may not work for you.

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      The result you get in the mocks, in the great scheme of things, is NOT important. In 6 months time nobody will care. They are as important as a practice match in training before a county final. Whether you win or lose is NOT important, but what you learn that can be used in the final IS.

      If you have studied topics X, Y and Z in a subject and none of these come up in the mocks, well..... no hassle. X comes up and you pass....great, keep on at it. But if X, Y and Z come up and you STILL fail it is time to ask questions.

      But remember, the actual grade is of no importance, it is what you learn from the whole experience of the mocks.


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      It's difficult to do even at JC.. D:

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