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    How many hours studying? Star14

    I am going into fifth year and want to do really well in my leaving cert. I wil be doing seven subjects. How many hours of study should i be doing a week for fifth year?

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      I'm going into sixth year and for fifth year I did it like 7 subjects 7 days a week.

      So I made sure I did every subject at least once a week and for the weekend I did whatever study I needed to do.. For a test or to recap.

      My day worked out with me coming home at 6 and took an hour to myself and did some study until 9:30. And that was enough for me.

      It's worked really well for me

      I'd recommend doing a little bit every night and having a study plan that had time for study and taking time out to be stress free.

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      Getting correct amount of sleep and eating plenty will help with your brain taking in more from your study

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      I did approximately 3 and a half hours mon to Friday and did 5 hours sat and sunday..

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      Thanks a milliion!

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