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    How much Study ashes204

    How many hours of study should a sixth year student who needs over 500 points be doing at this stage of the year?

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      Probably at least 4 tbh but then again it depends on how much you've worked so far

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      @stephlumo thanks! I got 425 in my pre, do you think it's possible to go bring that up to 510?

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      Definitely. We only have like 2 months left bt that is so many hours if you think about it but be sure to use it wisely. Be prepared to give up your social life!

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      @stephlumo okay thanks! Hopefully it'll work out!

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      Work hard party harder @stephlumo

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      I'm aiming for 510 as well and I spend around 5 hours each day during the midterm. My advice is to start early in the day so you can have the afternoon/evening to do whatever you want.

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      @ChristopherG good idea! thanks!

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      @ChristopherG how much would you usually get done in five hours by the way?

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      I'd get something done for each subject. I do a mix of study and homework done for each subject everyday. I split everything over the two weeks so I can a bit of everything done.

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      Hope that helps a bit.

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      @ChristopherG Okay thanks a mil! So would you spend about 42 mins on each subject to get something done for each of your seven subjects in 5 hours?

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      About that yeah. Some subjects I might get what I planned to do quicker or sometimes something might take a bit longer than expected.

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      @ChristopherG okay thanks! And what study would you do on school days? Sorry about all the questions!!

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      no bother. On school days I start work at 5 and finish around 10:30 but that includes homework and dinner. I've just finished the courses in my subjects before the break so when I go back everything will be revision so homework will be study then but I'll do my own as well.

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      @ChristopherG and how many subjects would you generally study per night on school days? thanks a mil this is really helpful!

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      usually after homework I'd study maybe 3 subjects, 4 on a good night.

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      @CristopherG Okay thanks a mil! That was plenty of info thanks! Best of luck with everything!

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      You too, you should get 510 if you keep your head down from now and work hard.

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      I'm a kinesthetic learner and im running out of active ways to study effectively than I can retain the information, any advice?

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      @emmalousa hey have you tried googling study tips for kinesthetic learners? Maybe have a look at these, hopefully they might help!

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      I need 520-540 points for the LC I haven't got all my mocks back yet but I'm at least 420 or so with the ones I have any advice

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      @ashes204 were ur pres difficult?

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      i do around 4 hours on Saturdays and 3-4 on school nights. starting early is always better as you'll have the rest of the say off to yourself. make sure you take Sundays off as a rest day, you shouldn't over-work yourself either, take Sundays off until around may and near the exams because you wont be able to focus if your wrecked tired all the time

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      I've consistently worked hard all year round right up to my mocks but I felt like all I ever did was homework ,I only started to study properly about 2 weeks before my mocks , I was so burned out from the mocks I took a break for a few days but have now found this break has turned into weeks, a month even , after my mocks there was a lot of disruptions in school and couldn't get back into a routine, I said I would start fresh and get loads of work done over the Easter holidays, it is now Friday and I am back to school on Monday and I feel as though I have wasted the whole two weeks, I have no substantial work done and I am incredibly disappointed in myself, I need high 400's and would love to get 500 points if I could but after taking such a long break I'm finding it so hard to get my motivation back , any advice on how to get motivated and how to keep motivated for the next 10 weeks ?? Also do you think it is possible to achieve those points if I only start properly studying now ?

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      just know that it will all be over in two months @NR97 im doing the jc and I too was so tired from the mocks and haven't done any study from the mocks to easter. try and do exam paper qs

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      @NR97 try to look at past papers to see what is likely to come up or not. Try to pick what questions you'll do in the exam and look at that in detail and everything else briefly. You don't need to know the whole course for every subject, just enough to do well in an exam. The fact that you're still burned out from the mocks shows that waiting 2 weeks before the exam and cram everything is bad so you don't want to repeat that for the real thing.

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      Got 510 last year, I'm repeating though. My advice is the last 2 months are the most important months in your second level education. Forget what you haven't done up until now, forget "How many hours a night" you do. Put your head down and work. It was around this time last year i started studying properly so over 500 points is possible if you start NOW. Stop reading this comment GO AND STUDY!!

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