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    How to make the most of these last 4 months? Bengee

    I am just about finished the mocks and they went ok with no fails(all honours) but its not good enough and honestly, i didnt really study for them. So how would you go about studying everything in the last 4 months, study techniques, all long each day etc

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      Make a study plan for next couple of weeks, that's what I'm going to do after the mocks and hopefully work from the passes to what I really want yeno?

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      How would you advise making a study plan I just can't seem tofu everything into a study plan. It is always unrealistic I can't help it if you could help that would be great thanks

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      So what I did the last time was I wrote every single thing I had to study on a sheet of paper. Then I allocated it a realistic set time limit. And I spread it over days evenings, weekends. Then say a Sunday every month check in by doing an exam question on the topic. Randomly picked to see how much you've learned. Dont forget to cross what you've done off its so helpful and motivating👅👅

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      thank you xxx

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