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    Improving points Jess4321

    I got 420 points in the mocks without a lot of study but I had an idea what was coming up in accounting and geography from teachers hinting, can I improve on this to possibly getting 480 in the leaving cert? Anyone have any good study techniques as I find I forget what I've studied two weeks later

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      You can definitely improve with time and study! What I find best for remembering stuff over a long time period, is to take a topic and study it on day 1 (day 1 being just the first day you study it), study it again the day after, then depending on time allowance study it 2/3/4 days later and then again maybe a week of two later. Depending on how long or hard the topic, you may be able to learn it in a day or week. I find making bullet points and summarizing notes and the summarizing those notes helps me, and the biggest thing is to test yourself, go back and learn what you got wrong and test yourself again and again until you have it 100%. Also say if you need 6 srps for an answer, learn 7/8 as you might forget one or two in the exam when you're under pressure. Hope this helps a bit!

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      Thank you so much that really helped!!

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