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    Is Premium Worth It studybuddy15

    I'm in 5th year now and am thinking of upgrading to studyclix premium for my leaving cert next year. I was just wondering whether it is really worth the €25 to upgrade or not in the honest opinions of premium users. Thank you

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      for what reasons do you think so

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      I think it is;

      It compiles exam questions per topic which I find really helpful.

      You can make your own "mock papers" which also are extremely helpful too!

      They've aural tools as well- you can practice a cluastiscint ect..

      I think it's helpful and 25€ is really cheap for a access to a website like this!!

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      Thanks eoghan

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      Sorry bud but you can find those topics at the front of your exam papers

      Theyre not mock papers theyre exam papers

      For the aural the cd can just do as good as a job

      And that €25 is coming out of your parents pocket and dont trust eogjan as hes only doing the junior Im actually doing mine in 2 weeks and a half

      And last but not least you need wifi so you cant bring it to school and theres many distractions

      Id stick to basic the notes are the same and pretty good

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      My advice is to write out your own notes now from the book and then when you go back in aug condense those notes to a page leaving out stuff u already know and then after mocks just keep on doing exam papers dont do exam papers now cause you only have half the course done start aural after mocks cause it will help you with orals and have projects done on time

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      And learn off those sraith pictuirs over the summer so you cant sing them going into the exam

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      I'd do an essay in Irish if I were you NOT English, don't make the same mistake as me.

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      Thank you everyone for your advise and @IGotAn"A"InCSPE that would be very much so appreciated. Thank You

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      @Sandler what do you mean by doing an essay in irish instead of english

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