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    LC-Points ellen:)

    Hi , I'm looking to do primary school teaching in Mary I next year it was 470 last year and I'm just wondering what would you think it will be this year ? Thanks in advance

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      I'd say you would need to get, or near enough 500, it'll definitely be 485 I think.

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      Oh god really :/ would you know many going for it ?

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      Repeating leaving cert as I didn't get primary last year. Points will probably be 485 max I'd say.

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      I was hoping 480 :/

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      Primary Teaching was 500 in Maynooth last year, 470 in St. Pat's so it'll be somewhere between 470 and 500 I reckon. Best of luck, I want Primary Teaching as well but I only needed to resit Irish to get a C3 to gain entry as a Mature Student. I hope it all works out for you!

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      St. Pats won't go up to 500 there's no way it would skyrocket 30 points, it went up 5 points to 470 last year so I reckon 480 would get you in, maybe even 475

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      Eoin Duignan

      With it now a 4 year course in Mary I it will probably rise 20 points I say. As more students studying in the college less places are been given to new first years. It used to be a 3 year until 2 years ago and so they could take more students in every year. Most courses in all colleges will probably rise though as college applications have risen on last years figures. Hope you get the points to go study it in Mary I. Mary I is a great college. Hope this helps.

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      If your from a Gaeltacht apply through Gaeltach Applicant - way less points!!

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