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    LC Predictions ciarac96

    is it a really bad idea to follow predictions or has it worked for people in the past ?

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      because its so close to the leaving I would try predict yourself by looking back at past papers, including last year.

      I wouldnt trust everything people predict but always have a back up plan! Everyone says this to me.

      Predictions have worked for people I know however its risky.

      best of luck

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      does anyone have any business studies predictions for this year ?

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      consumer protection act ?

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      The EU usually comes up every year

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      Learn off unit 1 by heart as its always question one on the paper

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      Ratios nearly always come up so learn the different ones off,what they are used for, the impact of high/low ratios and how to improve them.

      This year the ABQ is on units 2,3 and 4 so know the chapters on enterprise and managing really really well.

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      Have a feeling Break even will come up this year, hasn't been up in a while. Then again I love it so maybe it's just wishful thinking! Either way it would be a good idea to have a quick look over it :)

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      Mr. Cassidy

      dont listen to the learn off unit 1 because its alwaus q1, why not learn unit 6 because always q2 or learn unit 7 because always q3. Just know 2-5 and 7 and your fine

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      i just want a pass in H.L what will i study for me to achieve this result ? any other predictions ?

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