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    LC Results what are you options if you don't get enough points to do planned course? M Monahan

    Hope you results went well, but if your points don't go according to plan, please don't worry there are so many options for you, of course you could repeat your LC to gain the necessary points.

    Another option well worth considering is to do a PLC (Post Leaving Certificate Course) for the year, this could gain you 400 points if you achieve full marks on course. The PLC course prepare you for college, get you in the mindset of preparing assignments, projects and being independent learners which is a valuable trait to learn before you proceed to college.

    Most colleges have links set up to Post Leaving Certificate Further Education colleges.

    Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training are offering new exciting courses this year in the Post Leaving Certificate area, such as a new technology/business "Office Informatics" courses

    Carlow IFE also offer other courses in different areas, which give you the opportunity for one year to get a taster for the subject/career areas before making a 4 year commitment to a course you many not like.

    Courses listed see link:

    The benefit of taking this route, after successfully completing the year, you will have obtain a Level 5 course on the QQI qualification framework, which get you onto the educational ladder to proceed to college.

    If you really have not made up your mind what career area you would really like to proceed to, this is an excellent option for you and allows you breathing space before you commit, personally and financially to a 4 year degree .

    Carlow IFE also offer repeat Leaving Certificate in all subjects, just take a look at the PDF current brochure on-line for all FE courses on offer.

    Full Brochure:

    To apply for courses please use web link:

    Hope this information is of assistance to you, please remember you have soooo many options to get on the educational ladder!

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      Has the business been marked hard ??

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      M Monahan

      Marking scheme for all subjects should be up on shortly, as results are now out.

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      Would they be up today as their not up yet

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      I was a student who didn't do the best on the LC. I did a Plc course and from that a degree and a masters and I'm now a teacher. So don't get too worked up over weak results, there's always another path.

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      M Monahan

      Thank you for your feedback, I totally agree, there are lots of options and paths into education and the Post Leaving Certificate route is an excellent first stepping stone to college. It is a great place to prepare for college life and see if you really like that career area before committing yourself to paying out for a four year degree.

      After completing the PLC course you have a qualification that you can use for employment, which is also great as it is a recognised Level 5 QQI qualification, so you could have a part-time job while doing your degree.

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      M Monahan

      Sarah654 - have just checked the marking schemes are still not up yet for 2016, should be shortly.

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      Yah they are not up yet still

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      M Monahan

      Interesting articles

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      M Monahan

      Another interesting article CAO

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      M Monahan

      I would also suggest getting your scripts from the LC examination checked, they are sent to your school with marking schemes.

      Get your teacher to view them with you, it might be a case of marks not being added, sections left out etc., this could have happened, well worth viewing scripts. You will get information on times from your school on times to view them.

      It costs nothing, if you find a mistake then appeal the result, this will cost money, but well worth it.

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      I'm usually an A1 business student and my grades have always been consistent throughout the last two years. I didn't find the business paper extremely challenging and I was disappointed with my result on Wednesday. My entire class seem to be down a grade each and I am unsure wether our teacher graded us too high to start off with or was the marking scheme strict in your opinion?

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      Yah that's my problem too with business and a few others in my class. We would be getting a1s all the time I say only two exams I got a b1 in and it dropped in the exams

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      Do you think it was your teacher beforehand or the exam itself?

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      I was the same as you I thought the exam was grand ! I will have to review my scripts and hopefully he will be free of not I know another teacher will come in with me !! It's hard to know who to blame !! M Monaghan can you help out! Tbh I didn't get a bad lc but when I saw I only got a b3 I started crying cause I put so much work into this subject

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      M Monahan

      It is always disappointing when your grades do not match your expectations, especially when you have worked so hard at the subject. Don't worry get the scripts checked out, it costs nothing just go in with your teacher and a calculator to check how the points were calculated. Also as stated in my previous posts, you can do a Repeat LC Course, most FE colleges offer it, also a great way is to do a Post Leaving Certificate course, a lot of colleges are linked to them. It is a great way to get any student prepared for college, as most of the work is Assignment based and final exams at end of the year.

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      M Monahan,

      Did you think the business paper was difficult?

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      M Monahan

      I knew that timing was going to be difficult, that probably was the greatest issue for most students doing the paper. running out of time. I think the paper was very good, lots of variety. This year 2017, I would focus on Document Layout/Business Plans, I will be putting up details - Posts when preparing notes for this year.

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      M Monahan

      Help! I didn't get any CAO college offers Don't worry, there are still plenty of options see article

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