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LC Subject Choice
A-123St The Leaving Cert — 09/08/16 30

Hi everyone, Going into 3rd year in September and I'm thinking about what subjects to pick. In my school you have to keep one science subject and your foreign language (in my case German), and I'm thinking of doing either Biology or Physics. I find Biology the easiest as it's all learning, but I want to study Computer Systems at university so I think Physics might be a better choice? It's not required, but I feel like it's something I should be able to do, even though my grades in it are a little lower than normal. I'll also definitely do a business subject as I love the JC course, but I'm not sure whether to do Accounting or Business. My school doesn't offer Economics at LC, but I really like it and I've heard it's not hard, so I might do it outside of school. Good idea or not? I'm also thinking about doing Applied Maths; I usually get As in HL Maths and find it pretty easy, but it doesn't grab me the way Business or German (my favourite subjects) would, so I'm not sure about doing AM. Thanks for any help!

AaronP47 — 07/06/16
if you're going in 3rd year next year, why would you be worried about 5th now??
A-123St — 07/06/16
Not going to do TY, and besides I just worry about everything anyway :P
chloenugent60 — 07/06/16
if your good at maths do it and I think you should stick to what your good at and you wouldint have a prob x
kell1211 — 07/06/16
pick the subjects with all the good lookin teachers.hope that helps ;)
1282 — 11/06/16
If you're thinking of doing applied maths do physics
niki1819 — 11/06/16
I do both Accounting and Business. Accounting you have to have a good grasp and understanding in maths, accounts, debit credit rules I personally dont really like it. Business is just learning so if you can learn off things well then Business should be no problem to yo
Phteven — 11/06/16
If you want to do economics outside if school don't even try learning from the positive economics book to schools, haven't touched it since 5th. Best thing to do is to do all exam papers you can get your hands on and learn the marking schemes back to front. If you can find someone to get handouts off that would help too.
A-123St — 11/06/16
I've heard that Physics and Applied Maths are quite difficult and boring if you don't have a real passion for it though, not sure whether Biology is a safer bet. Don't really have a preference for either Accounting or Business at JC, my teacher says that you should really like the figures and accounts at JC to do LC Accounting though.
plzhelpme — 11/06/16
granners — 20/06/16
i do both physics and applied maths and from experience, the maths in physics is a foundation or ordinary level version of applied maths. im a H1 student in maths and i found applied maths pretty tough at the beginning, but after really focusing on it, its worth it for me (as i want to study engineering), as i found out that i got in the 80s percentage wise in my summer test, which was pretty good, especially since i thought that i was going to fail at christmas. physics is a great subject, especially if you like maths and are good at it, as a strong maths base is really helpful and there isnt half as much learning off compared to biology. you could get 5 chapters onto one sheet if you wanted to, which is helpful with revision, especially with computer studies, the physics course focuses on electricity and energy, which could be useful. hope this helps :)
A-123St — 20/06/16
I usually get As in higher level Maths, I find it fine but I wouldn't say it's one of my favourite subjects, same for the physics part of JC science. The usual horror stories about applied maths and physics put me off though, so I'm kinda leaning towards biology.
granners — 21/06/16
biology is definitely a text heavy subject, but if you're up for learning off a good bit, id do biology. Its much easier to study a subject if you enjoy it. Unlike you, i love maths and there is no better class than double maths every week (in my opinion :D), so i think thats why i enjoy physics and applied maths is grand, but at the end of the day, look at possible college courses you would be interested in and check their requirements before making a decision, so you can definitely make the right one for you
A-123St — 21/06/16
None of those three subjects are required for the courses I'm looking at, but Physics might be a help if I decide on doing Computer Science. The "5 chapters onto 1 sheet" thing definitely sounds attractive, the main thing that worries me is whether the concepts in LC Physics will be a huge step up from anything in JC Science/Maths and very difficult to understand, whereas Biology seems to be pretty straightforward rote learning.
Sarah654 — 21/06/16
Economics is a nice short course
A-123St — 21/06/16
Do you think it could be self-taught? @Sarah654
A-123St — 21/06/16
I think I'll do all 3 business subjects now, but still not sure about which science subject :/
granners — 22/06/16
there is a step up in all subjects from the junior cert, but you really are eased into physics as you start on lenses, light and mirrors, which is quite easy with very few things to learn off, understanding is more important in this section
A-123St — 22/06/16
Would most of your class be able to understand the concepts?
granners — 22/06/16
Ya most people would have a decent understanding overall, circular motion is the only chapter that might confuse people as it is a proper honours chapter, but overall most people do get a C at least wihout too much learning off and using a log book
BebGoldof — 22/06/16
Don't mean to be condescending in anyway but I would seriously consider not doing applied maths unless you want to do engineering/have a strong interest in all facets of maths. Ive seen A standard maths pupils like you for JC like you drop out after a couple of months realising how much effort and understanding was required to get a good grade, effort which could be spent getting better grades in other subjects. However if this doesn't deter you and you have good visualisation skills then power to you. Finally they seem to be making the exams more difficult and less respective lately so don't base your decision on the fact that some people simply learn past papers from the last 30 years because you'll need more then wrote learning for the subject
BebGoldof — 22/06/16
Probably should've read over that before I posted. The respective is supposed to be repetitive
A-123St — 22/06/16
Yeah I think I'll do the 3 business subjects anyway, which only leaves room for 1 science subject, so probably won't be going anywhere near applied maths.
BebGoldof — 22/06/16
Wait you want to do the 3 businesses, a foreign language, and a science along with the core 3? That's 8 subjects, I don't think your school can offer you all those and you'll need to do one outside of school hours. Honesty though you're only going into JC so in two years your interests and ability may lie elsewhere that you will discover over the next two years so keep your options open
A-123St — 22/06/16
Yes, I'll do economics outside of school, my school doesn't offer classes for it anyway but it's my favourite part of JC business. Taking a foreign language and a science are compulsory in my school, so no getting out of them.
Sarah2014 — 04/08/16
im thinking of doing economics outside of school too. will you be getting grinds or just teaching yourself the subject? do you have any books that you might recommend (if you have any)?
Sarah654 — 04/08/16
Yes and no ! I know my friend took it up late and tried to self learn a lot of it and it did not work ( as in she only started in lc) if you got grinds every second week or every week it would do !! U would be able to do the rest ! You just need a bit of guidance to understand what's going on due to there being lots of graphs !! Without someone explaining its hard to understand the graphs
Sarah2014 — 05/08/16
thank you so much @sarah654. in the exam would they ask you questions about the graphs. would the exam require a lot of knowledge or would you be able to sort of guess the answers with a couple of key words? thanks again :)
lukebrn — 06/08/16
Hey, I would steer clear of applied maths! I'm a grinds tutor in maths and physics and I can tell you it is a very difficult subject. If I were you I'd choose physics as it is easier to obtain an A if you're good at maths!
Sarah654 — 07/08/16
You would require knowledge into the parts of the course you would not be able to make it up as key points are needed ! And yes you would be asked to draw the market structures and the demand and supply curves and you would need to know what each line in the graph stands for
Sarah2014 — 09/08/16
thanks so much @sarah654
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