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    LC Subject Choices Dazzla16

    Hi everyone! I would like to hear your opinions and views on the LC subjects you would like to choose (or the LC subjects you have chosen). I would also like to know why you would (or did) choose those specific subjects.

    Also, I am still unsure whether or not it is possible to be given more than 4 optional subjects (apart from Maths, Irish and English) to study in school. I'm the type of person who is hesitant to drop a subject (instead of being hesitant to take up a subject) since I am comfortable doing many of the subjects in Junior Cert.

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      I chose applied maths, physics, DCG, geography and German, because they were subjects that don't require too much rote learning and I do well in the junior cert areas of them, but in my school you can only do 7 subjects so you can't pick many subjects

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