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Leaving Cert Business or Art?
by nc16 The Leaving Cert — 19/06/16 6

I'm just after finishing TY (which I loved totally recommend) and we kinda strated looking at the curriculums for the LC subjects we chose. I do English,Irish,Maths (Ordinary),French, Geography,Economics and Business. I know two business subjects! I love economics it's kinda like the thinking and decisions behind where people and the government put their money. But I don't like the look of Business. It looks really factual and no waffle allowed which this bond with me. I'm not the best at essays and I did Art for Junior Cert and loved it! I just dropped it cause I don't really like Art history. Now I'm thinking of swapping Business for Art cause I feel like I need a subject that isn't ALL academic and reading from books... Thanks and any opinions I get back will be a big help!

nc16 — 13/06/16
Or would I be able to pick up technology without having done it for Junior cert??
LaganjaEstranja — 13/06/16
I would do art by the sounds of it! I do business and yes there is very little waffle allowed and you wont get marks by doing so. You need to have all the theory learnt ad there is a lot!
sarxuh — 13/06/16
Honestly just do what you are best at and which one that you would get most marks. I know that for Art there's 40% for the day exam. Leaving Cert Art is full of essays, so if you are not good at essays don't go for that. Business is easier if you are into financial things and all that sort.
shannon8 — 18/06/16
I did art and business and by a mile preferred business, what the school probably didn't tell you is that A1's in art are extremely difficult to get, probably one of the hardest subjects to get one in, plus art was the exam that had me the most stressed out for the amount of work that goes into the practical. Im not saying this to put you off art but I just wish someone had tpld me this when I was picking subjects. Art is definitely not an easy subject, I don't care what anyone says. Business I really liked. There's a lot of learning in it yes but nothing that can't be done if you break it down. Plus doing exam questions the theory become second nature to you. There's 7 units in business and this year our ABQ was based on units 3,4,5 so I guess we were kindve lucky in that studying 1-5 in depth we were safe for the exams, I could completely avoid questions based on unit 6 and 7. All in all it comes down to what you are after, if its points you are looking for I'd choose business. If you're very good at art and can handle time constraints and are very creative in coming up with ideas or your art teacher would be very helpful on that end, if you're not relying on it solely for points or its your seventh subject and just need less learning off then I'd pick Art. There's still learning involved in the art history but the first two sections of the exam are predictable and section 3 you could have one essay learned off perfectly and you'll do well. My advice for art history though would be have 1 essay written for each artist say (if you're doing the Renaissance for example), write it and give it to your teacher to correct and get every single one of your essays to an A grade. The history is simple enough and easy to remember but having an essay on wash topic that you're learning off the exact same thing throughout 5th and 6th year will make it so much easier for you coming up to exam day. Anyway good luck with your choice, at the end of the day its your decision. Don't let anyone tell you what to pick, you need a balance in the subjects. Choose the subject you'll be happy to work at, will enjoy and of course which you will think you will be best at because all in all its the points that matter at the end of the day.
Sarah654 — 18/06/16
Tell you the truth there is a cross over in economics with business for a q3 which is on them topics each year. It's not a hard subject and I found it enjoyable ! Economics is a short course so it would be worth doing business. What about s science subject
ellenoregan — 19/06/16
If you enjoy art then you should definitely go for it! I found art class to be an escape from the rote learning of other classes, and it really lightened the load when it came to June having a subject that wasn't information heavy - you have more than 60% done before you sit the paper!
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