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    Leaving Cert History michellemcc98

    I'm going into sixth year and am thinking of taking up history. i was really interested in history for junior cert and found it really easy and got an A in the junior cert. is it easy enough for leaving cert and would i be able to take it up?

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      I love history and would have taken it on as a ninth subject, but for me it is too different to junior cert history. There is a far greater emphasis on modern history, right up to the present day, and the marking is not as clear cut. Almost like English, the grading is quite subjective and opinion-based. For this reason, i have swapped to a different subject. But if you really like it, then go ahead!! :) Just make sure to check the syllabus!

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      I was just wondering are u only taking up History in your LC year?

      History is a time-consuming subject

      Usually u cover 2 modules which are reasonably long in 5th yr and another in 6th year along with your case studies and the Project. You would have to be extremely motivated and i'm not sure would it be too time consuming if you already have 6/7 subjects.

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