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    Leaving Cert Subjects? eoghan_15

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what subjects I should pick for the leaving cert. I'm going into 3rd year, skipping ty.

    I'm thinking of doing a subject outside of school, music. The practical should be ok as I've done grade 7 piano but does anyone know how hard music is? Would I be able to teach myself having done junior cert music?

    I'm doing french, business and economics but I don't know what science subject to do. Should I do chemistry? I find it the easiest part of jc science. How hard is it?

    Thanks in advance!

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      Biology is nice a lot of learning but a lot more manageable then chemistry . Know a lad that's in line for 625 and the one subject he hates and is not counting is chemistry

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      @Sarah654 Yeah I might consider doing biology as loads of people say chemistry h hard. Thanks for your help!! :)

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      Music isn't hard, so long as you're good at it. People who aren't musical struggle, whereas people who are generally find it pretty easy. I don't think you'd be able to do it alone if you wanted a really good grade. There's new things you learn in LC music like Harmony and entirely new set works that would be hard for you to do alone. Even good students need a teacher. But it's up to you. If you're dedicated maybe you'll be able for it :)

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      Chemistry is a lot of hard work. There's about as much learning as there is in biology but it's harder to understand. Also there's a lot of maths in chemistry. From someone who is normally very good at maths, the maths in chemistry is difficult.

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      @njhoran Thanks for your reply! I'm going to do music outside of school and get grinds if necessary throughout the year. I'm planning on working hard on that subject :)

      @Aisling21 Thanks for responding! Yeah, I think it's quite clear that I'm not gonna do chemistry, probably am leaning towards biology right now! Thanks again :)

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      DO PHYSICS!!!.....Jk Jk...srsly dont dont do physics, its easily the hardest science just because they can literally anything in the actual exam

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      Biology is quite a nice subject. I'm gonna be a biology teacher I loved it so much! It's a long course but it's nice and easy to understand

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      yeah do! music is a short course too, we covered it all in 5th year, so I'd say if you really focused on it this year you'd have loads more time in 6th year for other subjects

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      Have you considered doing physics. I found this the easiest at Junior Cert and I loved it. However, when I went into 5th year, only 4 people in a year of 90 wanted to do it and it was cancelled so I ended up doing biology. I never had the same love for biology as I had for physics. But pulled my way through and learned everything and still found the exam very very difficult.

      I know where I went to school the chemistry class was sized 28. 5 out of that 28 dropped out of the class as they found it extremely difficult.

      Biology on the other hand has a huge uptake in our school, 71 out of 90 did it, which I suppose says it all

      Also, what about Ag Science, again huge uptake in this subject with 50 out 90 taking the subject, we are in a very rural setting which may explain the uptake with a lot of farms surrounding.

      Hope this helps:-)

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      Look at the leaving cert timetable also just looking at subjects that are more spaced out, it may seem small but an extra day between exams for energy can make the difference

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      biology is easily the most popular science subject ....but dont let that fool you...there is so much learning in it and it is definitly not the "easy science subject" ...unless you have to keep on a science subject for a career youre thinking of, i wouldnt be too bothered about keeping on a science subject

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