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Leaving Cert Subjects 2019
JCScenes The Leaving Cert — 19/09/16 3

Hi, later this year I must choose my LC subjects and I would like some advice from older students. I am set on a career with the Irish language. Whether it be teaching or journalism. Courses involving these, do not require a third language and I would not like to do french etc as I want to focus on Irish. Is this foolish and will it have a huge effect in the long run? My choices as of now seem to be English Irish maths history geography biology and business

Meabh04 — 17/09/16
If you are completely sure about what you want to do then no it isn't foolish at all! Most college courses do require a third language so if there is any possibility that you might change your mind then I would take french just to be on the safe side. I'm doing the LC this year and a lot of my friends didn't choose a third language because they know what they want to do and their course doesn't require it so don't worry you're not the only one :) Id say go with your current choice and if it happens that you change your mind you always have the option of doing french outside of school as an extra subject :)
E.Devitt — 17/09/16
If it was me I'd do the extra third language. I wanted to engineering in 5th year which doesnt require a third language but now I want to do medicine which does so speaking from personal experience I'm glad of my extra language and wouldn't give it up.
smais — 19/09/16
Having a third language isn't bad for the others if anything it helps you to understand languages better, and if you're good at languages and like them then you may as well. But it's not foolish if you don't take french, not all the colleges in the country are NUIs and not all courses require a third so go with your gut! :)
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