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    listening music good or bad thing Josephine14

    When studying I listen to music. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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      Hi Josephine, The answer to this really depends on what music you are listening to and what subjects you are studying. Most teachers will tell you that music is a distraction and that there will be no music playing in the exam. However, recent research has shown that the certain types of music actually heighten concentration. A study of form the University of Phoenix gave the following tips which you may find helpful

      - Try listening to music without lyrics. Lyrics can be distracting, whereas instrumental music heightens concentration.

      - Try listening to slow- or medium-paced music.

      - Try to avoid music with loud drumbeats, like rock or heavy metal.

      - Try to avoid music that is new. You may find yourself paying closer attention to music that is not familiar.

      - Try playing music quietly in the background.

      - Try to continue one style of studying, such as memorization or maths, when listening to a particular type of music.

      Just remember that there will be no music in the exams!

      Good Luck!

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      Thank u very much.

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      Also, for the subject 'Music', listening to Music is obviously a good thing. Not sure if you shud be listening to music while studying for it at the same time tho.

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