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    Mock Papers DEB and Examcraft ashes204

    If anyone has these exam papers could you plese email them to me?

    Examcraft Biology?

    Examcraft French?

    Examcraft English?

    DEB Irish?

    (Examcraft have a barcode on the top right at the front of the paper)

    (DEB have a barcode on the top left of the front of the paper)

    Thanks!! I can swap for the opposite paper if ye want!

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      And Examcraft History?

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      All Higher Level

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      Do you by any chance have Chemistry HL or both Maths Paper HL. ~Examcraft Biology.

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      @ScieneceExam thanks a mil for the Biology! I don't have maths with me but I have chemistry! Which chemistry paper are you looking for, DEB or Examcraft?

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      @ashes204 can u plz send me the chemistry papers you have

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