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    Mock results tara2013

    I got 420 points in the mocks but I really want to do Medicine. I was practicing for the hpat so I could'nt study to much for the mocks...

    Do you think this could improve as I am studying really hard now?

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      If you're studying really hard now and keep this constant until June your grades will definitely improve! How much they improve by depends on how much study you do from now until the exams so just keep working and it'll be worth it! Best of luck!

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      Thank you! Best of luck to you to!

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      How much practice did you do for hpat?

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      I practiced over the summer holidays and then I started practicing again after Christmas and then after the mocks were over.

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      Its good to practice as much as possible for the exam because your under time pressure.

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      You did a lot so! How did you find the actual exam? I did it too :)

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      It's very hard to tell because I'm not exactly sure if the answers I selected were correct :) How did you find the hpat? and how did the mocks go for you?

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      Hpat was fairly hard, especially with timing. Got 605 in mocks

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      Wow that is an incredible result!!! Do you have any good tips for studying maths and English for these few months?

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      Yeah just keep on doing exam questions. Studyclix is a great resource!

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      in general depending on the pres you got you usually go up a grade with more work and study. keep studying and you'll do great :)

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      @LaurenMoore sorry if this is a silly question but when people say 'go up a grade' do they mean going from a C3 to a C2 or going from a C3 to a B3?

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      c3 to a b3, not a silly question at all! the pres are generally harder and give you a guideline to what to study aswell as they can be based on predictions for the actually paper. in my sisters leaving cert she failed maths in her pre and got a C2 in the real exam. the marking schemes for the pres can be very unfair as they come from different companies and mainly pay students to do it while its all experienced teachers in the real thing. just keep working and you'll do fine :)

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      @LaurenMoore oh okay that's reassuring! Thanks a mill and best of luck with everything!

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      no problem you too :)

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