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    Mocks :( aoifeoc01

    What should you be aiming for in your mocks? Like I need 500 points in the actuall leaving cert so what would I want to be hitting in the mocks?

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      Honestly I think its more about what you dont get in the mocks if you get me. Its meant to point out what areas your shit at in certain subjects and scare you into making sure everything is covered for the real thing. I know a guy who got 415 in mocks and ended up with 510 for LC and got into trinity. Just get 400-500 points and you should be comfy. Thats my thinking

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      Hey Conor

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      I don't really think the mocks are a good representation of the state exams

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      I agree, I think the Mocks is just handy to let you know where you are in that subject, what you need to improve and continue doing.

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