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    Motivation Pleasee!! Katieeek

    I really cannot find any motivation to study and my mocks are in 8 weeks! I studied really hard last year but for some reason I just do not want to study atall this year:( Any tips on how to cop on and motivate myself? because I need like 450-490 points (:

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      Just think about that there is only 7months left in the lc all the hard work will be payed off and will be worth it when you get into your 1st choice that's whats motivating me :)

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      Yeah thank you👍🏽👍🏽

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      I feel the exact same as you and i need around the same points race, just think you have one opportunity and that you should make the most of it while you can!

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      It's actually such a pain, yeah I know I need to like study I just can't and I don't know why, best of luck anyway!

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      i got in the same boat fml

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      Yeah Thursdays gonna be unreal isn't it

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      This blog on getting motivated for exams might help :)

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      just follow your heart

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      i am in the exact same situation as yourself and i have decided to take it little steps at a time rather than being stressed the month before the lc, wishing i had studied. If you know was course/career you want id suggest to have a picture or something of that in your bedroom to remind yourself of why you are studying. I tend to work best in 30-50 minute intivals with breaks in between but dont go on your phone during these breaks (i know it can be hard!) i suggest looking up study with jess on youtube she has really good tips and i wish the best of luck!

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