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    My mock results MAYYAMIMI

    I have got my mock results and was wondering if anyone had any advice

    I got

    Physics : 90%

    Chemistry : 85%

    Biology : 82%

    Maths : 63% paper 1:70% paper 2: 52%

    Applied maths: 66%

    Geography : 65%

    Generally how much do people improve from the mocks to the real exam

    I didn't study for the mock that much either because I had the HPAT

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      All are higher level

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      It depends on yourself but I wouldn't doubt that you can't get atleast 80%+ in maths and applied maths with the time you have got. Also, Bio can be easily made into an A1 with the time you have left. Physics and chemistry is just understanding so yeah.. You have enough time to get that top a1 in almost all your subjects if you put work into it :)

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      And as per the improvement, I've heard people improve by as much as 120 points!

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      Well done by any chance do you have any notes on biology and geography

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      If u need notes I got mine off this Facebook page. They are really far superior then any other notes out there and cheap too

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      Do they send us an email of them or post the notes to you

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      Email. They're €12 I can do them for €10 if u text me

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      Email. They're €12 I can do them for €10 if u text me

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      I think they're 12 or 13 €

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      do u wanna do medicine ?

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      Yes I want to do Medecine

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