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Need some help/ advice!
kittyxkat The Leaving Cert — 13/07/16 8

Hi guys, gonna try make this a long story short.. Basically I'm going into sixth year and I'm gonna moving school, I already got accepted, but two of my subjects that I did in fifth year aren't offered in the school I'll be attending (Croatian; non eu language, and Spanish) - so the principal told me that I'll have to do either Geography or Home ec, neither of which I did in fifth year (I didn't do geography in jc, but I did home ec). Obviously the thing I would've normally done, is pick Home ec because I have previous experience with that subject... Buut, because I didn't do it in fifth year , I'm unable to do the Journals worth 20%, and I'm trying to decide whether or not missing out on 20% is worth it, or if I should just pick Geography (I'll be able to do the field study) and just study as hard as I can and really put my all in it? . Sorry if this was all over the place lol, but thanks so much :)

A-123St — 07/07/16
I'm not in Leaving Cert yet, but I'll try to help. In my opinion it depends on how much you need that 20%. I've heard about the huge content in both of those subjects, so neither of them would be easy to do in one year, but obviously Home Ec wouldn't be as hard since you have experience with it and a lot of it is common sense really. But if you're aiming for a high points course and you think it's going to be tight, are you willing to give up 20% straightaway, bearing in mind that's a big difference grade-wise? If you like Home Ec and think you'll be okay without the 20%, I'd say go for that. It depends on your work rate as well; if you think you can work really hard for geography and are motivated to do so, it could be a better option, but there's no point in failing geography when you could've gotten a C or B in Home Ec even without the 20%. I'd also take a look through a geography book in a shop or something, to make sure that it's not something you'd loathe after a week of doing it. What grades would you expect/like to get in those subjects in the LC? I hope this helps :)
lc.16 — 07/07/16
I reccomend that you choose Geography. Either way you look at it, both subjects are going to require a lot of work. I did both of these exams at higher level just a few weeks ago, and I can tell you that home ec at LC level is NOT common sense!! It is a huge course and completely different from junior cert. You will have to learn nutrition and food science in great detail, food packaging and processing, HACCP, Social studies, and finance to name but a few. I think it would be difficult to do well in this tough exam with just one school year of study, when you're already down 20%. It sounds like you're willing to work hard, so if you really give geography your best shot, you should be fine. The field study is hard work, but put the effort in and it will pay off. Just consistently learn the essays (painful as it may be!!) and familiarise yourself with the concepts. It's saying something if I am advising you to do geography, when it was one of my least favourites! The very best of luck in sixth year and your new school! :)
granners — 08/07/16
have you asked the principal if its possible to sit at the back of one of these classes and study either croatian or spanish on your own? that way you can still keep up the subjects after doing them in 5th year. possibly ask if you can go to a computer room and go on languagesonline or duolingo, so you can actively study, without counting subjects like spanish, a waste of time in 5th year
Aisling1998 — 08/07/16
If I was you, I'd do Spanish outside of school hours instead. It's a common enough language so notes and interactive learning tools are easy to find. Also as someone said already, ask can you study in the back of a class
goodthink — 08/07/16
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kittyxkat — 13/07/16
@a-123st - thank you so much for your advice! In all honesty, I'm not really aiming for really high grades on either subject, because I'm banking on most of my points coming from my languages haha. But I expect that I'd probably a B / C in geography (probably ordinary) and a C/D in home ec(?) I don't know haha! I feel like I'll maybe do both for a few weeks and then decide which one I'll drop. Thanks again!x
kittyxkat — 13/07/16
@lc.16 Thank you so much! Hope you did well in your exams :) Yeah, although I prefer Home Ec as a subject in general, I'm sorta leaning towards Geography cuz I feel like that 20% will really help me in the long run haha Thanks again x
kittyxkat — 13/07/16
@Granners & @Aisling1998 - I was told by the principal that like I'd be able to use either the home ec or geography classes to study my own thing at the back of the class - so hopefully it'll help haha! The principal said I'd have to stay in the class tho haha but I guess it'll be grand . Thanks a mill guys ! Xx
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