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No-showing Chemistry exam?
csdaly97 The Leaving Cert — 20/06/16 2

Hi,was just wondering what happens if you don't turn up for an exam? I'm doing ordinary level Chemistry but have no hope of passing but don't want the F on my results. Do you get an N/G or is it like you never even did the subject all along if you dont turn up for the exam? Thanks

Eoin Duignan — 20/06/16
Would you not have dropped the subject by now if you are not thinking of going in and doing it now. I don't know if you have to go in or not. Sorry. You can probably not go in and get a NG for the subject if that result isn't going to be counted by you anyway.
taradrom — 20/06/16
You can go in and get an N/G if you want which is 0-9%? But yeah you don't have to show up
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