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    Options thehatman3224

    I am in 3rd year and i have to pick my options. I AM SORT OF CONFUSED. I am an A student and want to do Medicine in college otherwise Engineering.

    This is what i wrrte down in odedr of my preferance:







    Business Studies

    Those are my first eight preferances

    What do you think?: I am a Higher Level student

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      Biology is a good subject but there is lots and lots of theory in it. If you are an A student you will have no problem doing it, but you must keep on top of your study in it. German gets quite difficult in Leaving Cert level but you will definitely need it to get into Medicine. Make sure you have at least 2 science subjects too! They seem ok, whatever subjects you feel u will do best in you should keep.

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      Well engineering is a leaving cert subject. Idk if your school offers it though, but if you're interested in and would want to do engineering in the future, doing engineering for the LC might be a good idea

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      I think you might need chemistry for medicine. If not it is very helpful

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